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We build custom Treehouses - all colors, shapes & sizes!

Our team at MCS use their diverse talents and creativity to complete projects in a wide variety of disciplines. We love creating awesome things that engage the sense of wonder and each member of our team strives to make products both we and our customers can be proud of, and our treehouses are no exception! Our projects start as a general idea, or concept and evolve into larger-than-life creations that are for everyone to enjoy. These are not your ordinary type tree houses made from leftover wood found in the garage. We use construction methods and materials commonly found in residential homebuilding when building our treehouses as well as technics and materials needed for custom fabrication such as steel infrastructures, fiberglass, and EPS foam that has had a polyurea hard coat applied to it. It is not uncommon to find our structures outfitted with plugs, switches, outdoor lighting and, even HVAC units.


From completed projects to treehouses in the construction phase, these images will give you an inside look at the quality and uniqueness of our builds. From contemporary and modern design to rickety old swamp shacks, there is no project we can't create. Contact us today to find out how we can work together and build your very own custom treehouse! Why wait? Give us a call at 1.559.498.0540 and let us design & build you the custom treehouse of your dreams!  

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