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New Year, New Projects

Now that everyone has returned from the holiday break, we have had a chance to regroup and get ready for an exciting new year here at Monster City Studios. Our mill queue is growing every day and the anticipation of new projects is starting to permeate the shop... As well as a bunch of foam shavings. We have also been on clean up mode the last couple of weeks in preparation for our busy first couple months of 2017. The yard is nice and tidy, we have consolidated a lot of our outdoor displays, and even our attic got cleaned out, which is great news (Except for maybe the spiders that were living up there).

With as many projects as we have lined up, a streamlined approach is going to be absolutely essential. We have the mill scheduled to run straight through January and every subsequent department will be on a tight schedule. It is going to be a busy few months, but we will definitely have some awesome work to share once we are finished.

From hockey players to African wildlife, we have got quite the roster of fun characters we will be making for our clients in these first few months of 2017. Next week, we will be able to show you progress. Stay tuned for more updates from us here at Monster City Studios.

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