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Made In The Valley

We here at Monster City Studios were recently lucky enough to count ourselves among a handful of other Central Valley-based businesses for ABC 30's “Made In The Valley” segment. The segment focuses on businesses of makers that call Fresno and the Central Valley their home. We're honored to be featured along side so many creative and ambitious people.

Sometimes it can be tough getting noticed here in the Central Valley. With so many huge, creativity-centric cities in the surrounding California area, it's easy to overlook the truly inspiring creations that come out of our neck of the woods. ABC 30 certainly did their research, not just into our shop, but into a bunch of other cool businesses. From craft beer to all-natural dog treats, “Made In The Valley” really runs the gamut of makers close to home.

So if anyone is interested to see the breadth of creativity found in California's central valley, check out the rest of the “Made In The Valley” segments and stay tuned for plenty more from us here at Monster City Studios.


Some of the other great businesses featured can be found below:

The Rugged Heart

Riley's Brewing Company

Plato Pet Treats

Basilwood Farms

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