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Fresno's Famous Abandoned Pirate Ship

You can't help but notice it. Sitting out in the middle of an overgrown lot right along the freeway in Fresno, CA is something that seems oddly out of place. From far away, it's hard to tell what it is, but nonetheless, there it is. A 30' long wooden and seemingly plastic (maybe?) coated pirate ship. It's obviously been here a while, as the wood is weathered and the plastic is cracking. It looks as it was built to be a shipwreck or an overgrown sunken ship. The odd thing is, it's setting on a boat trailer. It seems way too tall to haul down the road- it's probably 15' tall, but there it is. Rotting away, no paint, even though it would look awesome painted.

With a little investigating, we were able to find out that it was built by Monster City Studios in 2012, it's a pretty cool sight to behold even in it's unfinished state. People stop nearly daily by to take pictures and ask "What is it?" Someday, we think, someone will want to finish her and float her down to the Caribbean... or maybe at least down the San Joaquin River. She is built on top of a real boat ya know. Theres actually three levels in this thing and a small "below deck" area for storage. Might make a great parade float... who knows? Ever wanted an old pirate ship in your backyard? Arrgh mateys!!

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