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The World's BIGGEST & BEST Man Cave. Period.

It's real... and all designed and built by Monster City Studios of Fresno, CA.

All photos, Craig Kohlruss Photography

Monster City Studios has built some MASSIVE and AMAZING themed environments. One of them is our "Temple of Vroom" man cave. For this job, Craig Kohlruss of Craig Kohlruss Photography - was hired to document the build. Here's an except from his blog:

"I’ve been working with Monster City Studios for a little while now documenting a project the creatives there refer to as simply “the man cave.” They’ve also called it an Indiana Jones-themed adult recreation center or the Temple of Vroom. I call it amazing. Complete with pool tables, shuffle boards, arcade games, a full bar sprawling below a military jeep creeping along a rope bridge, a giant Buddha head and DJ stage, a pyramid temple and facade’s of quaint villages from third world countries, this is a big kid’s dream. All this tucked away in a nondescript warehouse in the middle of Fresno. I’m told it belongs to a Fresno businessman who will use it for family parties and special private engagements and fundraisers. How do I get on that guest list?! Anyway, it’s quite a remarkable sight. Monster City designed and constructed all of the 3D pieces that surround the warehouse; most of it milled from Styrofoam and hard-coated with polyurea."

What's it like in there?

Right before entering the non-descript building that houses the World's Largest Man cave, you see the only glimpse of what you're about to experience. A single commercial storefront door covered in sign vinyl with black and white photos from the interior and the words "Temple of Vroom."

Opening the door, there's what looks like a small cave in front of you. It takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust because it's really dark. Red lights are just barely washing the walls as you walk up on to what seems to be a creaking boardwalk. The ceiling is low and looks to be caving in. Plants and vines are growing out the the broken joists that just hold the rocks and dirt from collapsing in from above. You immediately turn right and can see that along the maybe 20' long walkway, there are skulls and bones impaled on bamboo spikes. Maybe from the last adventurers to come in here? This seems to be some kind of tomb robber's or treasure hunter's makeshift entrance thats become a main passage. Off to the right is a boulder that's just about ready to roll and close the passage, flattening us to some kind of mushy substance.

As we pass the possible human pancake maker, vines cover the walls. Or are those snakes? It's kinda dark and hard to make them out exactly. A banyan tree grows out of the floor of the passage- where's it getting it's light? The path then snakes to the left, then to the right again. Watch the floor, there's some holes...

Looking up through the removed stones in the wall, you see it. A huge, vine covered ancient temple. Something like you'd see in the Yucatan, maybe of Mayan influence. In the front entrance of this ancient ruin is a glowing fresco style painting what seems to be a Hindu figure glows like a lighthouse beacon. Right in the middle is an obvious "all seeing eye." On either side of the entrance are two huge cobra statues. Hmm... certainly not Mayan. As we approach the temple to explore more, we glance to the left.

Holy cow! A giant Moroccan themed village. Obviously still inhabited as lights flicker in the different shop windows. At the end of the row of buildings is a giant 2-story tall Buddhist looking head with hands open almost asking you to use them for lounge chairs. Gazing to the left are giant 8' tall Egyptian looking statues... and a massive 16' tall idol on the wall. Something that you think you've seen before in a amusement park attraction... Indiana Jones maybe? A giant U-shaped bar spreads out occupying most of a 100' section of wall. Bar tables and electronic games line the farthest wall. The ceiling is covered with collapsing bamboo scaffolding, vines and plants.

The lights flash, really really loud music booms... Oh, it's not a grave site and its not a ruin or a Moroccan village. It's just the Temple of Vroom. Oh, I get it now.

Is it really the biggest?

It's hard to grasp the immense size of this installation. Remember, this is not for an amusement park, it's not for some kind of crazy commercial endeavor, this is a private individual's personal man cave. It's used for his family as a play space. That's it. The main room is 120 feet (36.5 meters) long x 60 feet (18.25 meters) wide. The ceilings are 18' tall. The main bar has a seating capacity of 70 people. It's no joke.

The 150+ DMX, computer controlled lights are all programmed for various events like dinners, relaxing or fund-raisers. Theres a dance floor and DJ booth (of course) as well as a video game, billiards and pin ball machine area. Of course, there are three different Indiana Jones pinball games. There's two massive 22' long digitally controlled shuffleboard table as well as air hockey. Oh yeah, above the bar there's two 80" 4K TVs coupled to a Playstation, XBox and Wii.

Speaking of the bar, it's a fully commercial bar with three wells, coolers, ice makers, blenders, mixers, back bar and two 3 compartment sinks. Oh, and did we mention the bar has 70 stools? That thing above the bar? Its a VERY REAL 1967 Dodge M37 military truck. The engine has been removed, but the rest is all there. It's made to look like its crossing a very rickety swing bridge. We're not sure it's going to make it.

That DJ booth we spoke about? It's hooked up to over $30,000 in JBL sound cabinets. The cages that holds the 18" sub woofers weigh 1000 lbs each.

Two semi fulls (64 blocks) of 3' wide x 4' thick x 8' were used to build the cave. Thousands of hours of labor went into its construction. The Egyptian statues actually came from the mold that was used by Industrial Light and Magic to make props for the movie "The Mummy." The skulls came from the Terminator 3 movie set. Much of the foliage came from the Mummy and the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie set. You might be asking, how much did this cost? We can't say, but probably a lot less than you'd think! We're currently looking for our next massive man cave project. Can you beat it?

To answer the question, is it the biggest man cave? We have done a lot of reaserch, and we can't find bigger. If you can, tell us, we want to know!

Take a look at the following pics. Share this blog post, tell your friends! Let's get this out there... maybe we can write another BIGGER man cave article in the near future! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE BUILD VIDEO BELOW.

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