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The Cosplay EXPLOSION.

Cosplay props are taking over. Wearable art. Take a look...

Death Knight - World of Warcraft - Photo by

Over the past few years, a word has entered the everyday lexicon of just about anyone under the age of 40. COSPLAY. What's it all about? It's simple, it's all about dressing up like your favorite character and acting like them. You hear about it a lot as it seems like any 'CON' that's held anywhere is filled with COSPLAYERS. I remember going to Comicon about ten years ago to set up a big booth and seeing a bunch of people hanging out around the SDCC dress up as their favorite characters. That's nothing compared to now. Seeing the crowds at Comicon file through the doors reminds me of Halloween night at the rich guys house who gives out full sized Snickers. Solid costumes. Cosplay has become mainstream and the costumes have become insanely detailed and ornate. With the influx of 3D printers the ability to easily design and create props such as weapons and accessories the possibilities seem nearly limitless. Heck Michael's even has a Cosplay section now. It's awesome to see that everyones 70's, 80's and 90's Saturday morning fantasies are coming to life in the real world.

Crusader from Diablo III, Photo by Dave Yang Photography.

One of our very own, Jill Cope is one of the proprietors of Squidbot Cosplay and a new venture, Obsydiann Props. She produces cosplay costumes, props and effects as well as 3D models for purchase and reproduction. These aren't your everyday costumes. She makes full suits of fanciful armour and props straight out of some of today's most popular video games.

Jill is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Entertainment Design department. Here at Monster City Studios, she is part of the Art Department, helping to bring our many sculptures to life.

Take a look at some of the amazing work she does. It'll give you just a little hint of some of the talent we have here at Monster City Studios.

Some of Jill's props shown at Monster City Studios for a recent shop tour. 3D printed Biotic Rifle from Overwatch (unpainted). You can download the 3D files at Jill's My Mini Factory page.

Skycutter from Diablo III, Sword made from flexible L200 foam.

Death Knight, World of Warcraft - Photo by Greg De Stefano Photography

Ekko's Glowy Sword

Killer Blunderbuss from Bloodborne by Jill

Full shot of the Blunderbuss.

Some of Jill's Cosplay Craziness! Photos - Hajime - Novii Photography Azir commission - Kim Photos Crusader - Wage War Productions Warrior - John Jiao Photography Sniper - Forever Wild Images Ephraim and Lucina - Tim at Squidbutts Death Knight - John Jiao Photography

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