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We build Themed Environments! Huh?

Theming is everywhere. Whenever you want to engage an audience, one of the most effective ways is physical 3D theming. What the heck is theming you may ask? Good question. A lot of times you may be surrounded by it and don't even know it. Many will immediately point to Disneyland or the Universal Theme Parks. Obviously these places are themed meccas and pretty much everything you see in these parks are covered in layers of theming. Characters, rides, buildings and event the walkways are decked out to the nines.

However, you may be surprised to find the 90% of theming in the everyday world is much more subtle. Take a look at architectural theming. You may have seen that at the local strip mall being built that there's foam being clad all over the building then it's all coated in stucco. Some of this foam is made to look like keystones, archways, fleur-de-lis, rosettes or even stone. believe it or not, this is theming. How about when you go into the newest hip restaurant and the walls are covered in old barn board and the light fixtures are made from old rusty farm implements, gears or pulleys. These are also examples of theming. Maybe the light globes are old mason jars or the seats are made from new tractor seats and are just faux painted to look old... yup, once again it's a themed environment that's come into play.

The environments aren't just amusement parks or restaurants though. Have you ever brought your child to the pediatrician or dentist and they had some type of theme in their office? Maybe its a simple as a mural painted on the wall or as complex as 3D animals or trees in the office. We recently built out a dental office with multiple dolphins, sea turtles and an interactive "under the pier" themed room for the kid's to play in while they wait. That's all theming.

We also love to work in the experiential marketing world. Have you seen a pop-up store or an event that features oversized or funky props to get your attention? Guess what, that's also theming. We bring those oddball ideas to life!

Here at Monster City Studios SPECIALIZE in themed environments. We can do everything from simple murals (we can paint on canvas and you can install onsite) to full 3D environments. We work with foam, polyurea, fiberglass, wood, concrete and steel. Everything from the initial concept, the project management, the fabrication and installation can be handled here in-house. If you already have designs we can just fabricate also. Our services are flexible and we can work with your budget. Themed environments grab your audience, get them engaged and keep your brand in their mind. That is what we do. Give us a call, 1-559-498-0450, we want to help you!

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