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Tampa, FL

Completed: March 2016


This project consisted of a full scale Shay locomotive to be displayed at Suncoast Center for Fine Scale Modeling in Tampa, Florida. The piece that Monster City Studios replicated the smallest Shay ever built by the Lima Locomotive Company. The front half of the locomotive was built and installed next to a roller door at the museum. Brick and beam facades were also shipped and clad to the building to create the illusion of an early 20th century engine house. 


The piece was first drawn in Sketchup using original blueprints provided by Lima Locomotive Works. A tubular steel frame was created to carry the weight of the boiler and faux wood pilot. All of the visible elements were created with 2 lb. EPS foam and coated with polyurea. Even the track and ties were fabricated in-house. A smoke machine and working light were plumbed into the piece to provide an extra touch of realism.  

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