Aaaarrrgghh!!! Weigh Anchor!

Time to raise the black flag once again for another Pirate Ship update! The original plan was to have it back out in the yard immediately after we were done painting it, but an ever-increasing stack of other jobs didn’t allow for many personal projects. It also didn’t help that we’ve been having one of the rainiest winters of the last five years. For the better part of 2 months, we had to set it aside and wait for fair winds and clear skies. Today, we decided it had been long enough. It’s been a couple of days since we’ve had rain, so the ground was dry enough to take it back outside. We even sent her on her maiden voyage (though we didn’t have any champagne, so the ship might be a tad curse

The Post of Christmas Past

A while back, the local mall at Fashion Fair was getting rid of all their old Christmas decorations. Convinced that we would be able to use them for potential projects, we took them off their hands. For the better part of a year, the decorations sat in storage and the projects for which they were kept never came. Eventually, the decision was made to get rid of most of them. A lot of them were in pretty rough shape and they were simply taking up too much space. However, in removing the decorations from storage and going through them, we came across a very large Christmas Tree. Rather than pitching it, we took a bit of extra time and rebuilt it. Anyone who drove past the shop over the holiday

New Year, New Projects

Now that everyone has returned from the holiday break, we have had a chance to regroup and get ready for an exciting new year here at Monster City Studios. Our mill queue is growing every day and the anticipation of new projects is starting to permeate the shop... As well as a bunch of foam shavings. We have also been on clean up mode the last couple of weeks in preparation for our busy first couple months of 2017. The yard is nice and tidy, we have consolidated a lot of our outdoor displays, and even our attic got cleaned out, which is great news (Except for maybe the spiders that were living up there). With as many projects as we have lined up, a streamlined approach is going to be absolut

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