Education and Training for Theming, Design, and Fabrication

One common question we get here at Monster City Studios is “Are you hiring?”. We get a lot of walk-ins who have seen our building while driving by, looked at our website, or heard of us through different media sources and have made that very same query. With the wide range of materials and process that we employ here at Monster City Studios, many people wonder what we look for in a potential new hire. First, we look for creativity. Most of our projects call for an artistic eye, not only in the creation of our projects, but in creative problem solving as well. Creativity is a given. You want the specifics. What skills and trades do we look for? Techniques we use on our projects range from dig

3D Printing and other forms of Industrial Sorcery

Those of you who have read our previous blogs and/or Facebook posts have surely heard us mention 3D printing before. This day and age, 3D printing is everywhere from professional industrial design to at-home, DIY model making. With the price of printers falling more and more every year, the quality of entry-level 3D printers is on the rise. Because of the new-found accessibility into the 3D printing world, we're starting to see an explosion in 3D printing popularity. A 3D print seen in all phases of its inception. Typically, during the design phase our designers will sit down with our production team and specify parts of projects that will require 3D printing. As most of our projects are muc

Laser Focused

Hey there everyone! Those of you who frequent the Fresno Bee website may have already seen a story about Fresno's own No Surrender Laser Tag park. They will be moving from their current Fresno facility to a new location in the Sierra Vista Mall. We were lucky enough to be asked to help with the redesign for the new space. We're very excited to be part of the project. More information can be found in the article below:

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