Made In The Valley

We here at Monster City Studios were recently lucky enough to count ourselves among a handful of other Central Valley-based businesses for ABC 30's “Made In The Valley” segment. The segment focuses on businesses of makers that call Fresno and the Central Valley their home. We're honored to be featured along side so many creative and ambitious people. Sometimes it can be tough getting noticed here in the Central Valley. With so many huge, creativity-centric cities in the surrounding California area, it's easy to overlook the truly inspiring creations that come out of our neck of the woods. ABC 30 certainly did their research, not just into our shop, but into a bunch of other cool businesses.

Miniature Sequoias & the Sierras

Most of us here at Monster City Studios are fascinated with miniatures and scale models. Realistic, whimsical or caricature, all of them are welcome here! When we were presented with the change to build a 70 foot long compressed version of the Sierra Nevadas last year we jumped right at the chance. The Imagine U Children's Museum in Visalia, California asked us if we could build an interactive, outdoor display that could educate the local children on where much of our water comes from and what that water can do to help us. Of course we took on the challenge that eventually became "The Wonderful Water of the Sierras" exhibit. We built the entire exhibit from fiberglass cast in rock molds pull

Fresno's Famous Abandoned Pirate Ship

You can't help but notice it. Sitting out in the middle of an overgrown lot right along the freeway in Fresno, CA is something that seems oddly out of place. From far away, it's hard to tell what it is, but nonetheless, there it is. A 30' long wooden and seemingly plastic (maybe?) coated pirate ship. It's obviously been here a while, as the wood is weathered and the plastic is cracking. It looks as it was built to be a shipwreck or an overgrown sunken ship. The odd thing is, it's setting on a boat trailer. It seems way too tall to haul down the road- it's probably 15' tall, but there it is. Rotting away, no paint, even though it would look awesome painted. With a little investigating, we wer

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